Energy Healing

I had the most amazing session with Katie today. Wow this lady is so good, she helps you dig deep to uncover and work through emotions and stuckness that’s holding you back. After the healing session, my whole being felt lighter and my head felt much clearer. Thank you Katie.


As an intuitive healer and trained Usui and Angelic reiki practitioner, I have worked with energy healing for many years and over time I have developed my energy healing abilities to become a pure channel of healing to support deep change within my client’s whole being.

I use powerful energy healing techniques in a unique way working with the metaphysical body, the chakra system and the body’s multiple intelligences (the head, heart and gut brains) to facilitate wellbeing and alignment through the entire system and create a deep transformation from within.

I connect to my client’s energy field to help to release stuck energy, emotions and physical blocks. Energy healing is ideal to be used alongside traditional medicine or complementary treatments and helps to encourage healing during recovery from illness or injury.

Metaphysical healing is a holistic and spiritual approach that recognises the connection between the mind and the body. What we think can influence and change our body. And what we feel can influence our mind and thoughts. Particular thoughts and worries can affect certain parts of our body. Metaphysical healing believes that every dis-ease has a mental, emotional or spiritual root. Through changing our thought patterns and emotional responses to more positive ones, we directly influence and encourage our own healing.

We are all energetic beings and it’s our responsibility to look after our own energy. To cut cords to that which drains us and to regularly practice self care and good wellbeing routines that clear and restore our own energetic fields. I help my clients to develop their own daily routines.

Receiving an energy healing session is highly relaxing. Your level of understanding and beliefs will not stop you from receiving healing energy into your cellular level. However I encourage clients to be open minded and we will often discuss techniques to support your own wellbeing and to expand your understanding and awareness to be able to connect with yourself and your intuition.

You may experience feelings of warmth, calm and deep rest during a session as well as the sensation of energy moving through your system. Often clients will hear their own intuitive guidance in the form of visions, pictures, sounds, feelings, memories and more. A session can be helpful for connecting to your creativity, problem solving abilities or for spiritual guidance to drop in. Our unconscious mind, which makes up over 90% of our mind’s power, is able to bring up the information we may be seeking when we feel safe, relaxed, calm and open.

I carry out energy healing sessions in person and online via video call. Both work just as effectively.

In your session, we’ll chat first to clarify your healing intentions, then I’ll guide you through relaxation techniques and to connect to healing. We’ll then follow up with any feedback and discuss anything you experienced in the session.

I find it hugely beneficial for my coaching clients to have regular energy healing sessions and I have a bespoke 3 month Coaching and Healing Package that combines the two. Working at the mental level alone with talk therapy without addressing the needs of the body and the nervous system can create too much stress for the system to manage or any changes in thoughts or behaviours can be short lived as we can’t energetically and emotionally maintain the changes we want. Combining energy work with coaching and talk therapy helps the nervous and emotional systems to balance and regulate while going through periods of change. This way of fully integrating change needs to happen within all levels of our system – our mental, emotional, physical and energetic bodies – for us to create lasting changes.

If you’d like to find out more about my coaching sessions and packages and how I can support you with emotional or energetic blocks, limiting beliefs, health and wellbeing and reconnecting to yourself and your own energy, then feel free to send me a message via the contact me page.