Integrated therapies and coaching for wellbeing in body-mind-spirit

Hi I’m Katie, a Holistic Therapist & Wellbeing Coach based in Cleveleys, Lancashire

I help women who are feeling anxious, overwhelmed, out of balance or disconnected to feel relaxed, rebalanced and reconnected to their whole selves again – creating more connection and harmony between body, mind and spirit.

I’m a passionate and intuitive therapist, healer and coach with a love for complementary therapies and working holistically with the whole person.

Whether you need some time just for you to rest and rebalance or you want to achieve a deeper transformation and reconnection with support and guidance along the way, I offer different solutions to suit your needs.

I create bespoke therapy and healing sessions, wellbeing packages and personally tailored coaching for those who are ready to explore their symptoms, stress triggers, mindset, emotions and energy to make lasting changes to feel healthier and happier.

“I was absolutely blown away by the entire experience. Katie is highly skilled at navigating you as a person and
absolutely committed to helping. Like a cross between a therapist and a spiritual healer” Lucy, holistic therapy client

I’ve helped many clients with short and long term conditions to reduce pain and discomfort, regain natural energy and feel more balanced. Often, small changes in lifestyle, self care and mindset are all that’s needed to start the healing process.

Our bodies speak to us through pain, discomfort and dis’ease’. I guide you to listen to your body’s messages and help you to gain valuable understanding and awareness of the patterns, thoughts and feelings that may lie beneath your symptoms or where you may be giving away too much of your vital energy. This is the awareness that empowers us to make lasting changes and live in ways that really support and nourish us.

Rest, proper relaxation and time to self reflect are some of the most important ways to combat the effects of stress and modern life. We can easily become out of balance and lose our self connection. Burn out, ongoing fatigue, hormone imbalances, chronic conditions and pain, low mood and anxiety can all be signs of a body and mind that is overwhelmed. I help clients to deeply relax and to feel safe to express themselves honestly about how they feel and what they are experiencing in life.

I blend therapies with my own intuitive energy skills and a compassionate and empowering coaching style to support and guide you, drawing on reflexology, aromatherapy, reiki energy healing, oracle card reading, NLP mindset coaching and spiritual healing and connection.

How I can help you

Foot Reflexology
Facial Reflexology
Reiki Energy Healing & Chakra Activation
‘Zone Face Lift’ – facial rejuvenation treatment with reflexology, facial massage & facial gua sha tools combined with relaxation and guided energy balancing and clearing. The holistic facial treatment that lifts your face as well as your body, mind & spirit

I create bespoke blends as one off natural remedies or as part of a tailored 121 package to support physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.
All natural, plant based, vegan and artificial perfume, toxin and paraben free made with pure essential oils. More details here

My coaching sessions are always bespoke to you and tailored to your needs, with a particular focus on women’s wellbeing and balance, mind-body connection for better wellbeing, understanding your personal emotional triggers and increased self awareness and empowering you to create and maintain a lifestyle and wellbeing practices that work for you.

Working with mind-body-spirit as a whole and your energy bodies (not just your physical body and symptoms, but your emotional, mental and spiritual aspects too!) I help you to achieve your wellbeing aims or to get more clarity if you’re not sure where to start or what to prioritise when it comes to your wellbeing and energy.

I work with wellbeing and life coaching methods, emotional processing and timeline work, Neuro Linguistic Programming tools and techniques, intuitive energy work, connection to your higher awareness and soul and oracle card guidance. With this unique blend of coaching tools I help you to work through energy blockages, emotional or mindset challenges, limiting beliefs or disconnection from your own intuitive wisdom.

In a coaching session, we have 90 minutes together. We will start with some breathwork and self connection to help you feel grounded and safe in your energy to open up and share what you need to express. I often work with oracle cards during a coaching session to call on higher guidance and wisdom to explore different areas of you and your energy and what might be holding you back, what could benefit your wellbeing and your connection to yourself and your own guidance, wisdom and power. We will use various processes to help you get unstuck or release heavy energies and feelings, gain a higher and wider perspective on your situation and I’ll guide you to explore your next steps for reaching your goals and the personal support you might need to get there.

We will approach the session in the way that’s right for you. I recommend a minimum of 4 sessions, booked as a package.
Coaching works really well alongside healing and therapy sessions to help you integrate at a deeper level and I offer bespoke packages combining coaching and healing sessions for this.

Feel free to contact me to find out more or you can book a 15 minute connection call using the link below.

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