I completed a coaching and healing journey with Katie. 6 sessions of self exploration and awareness. It has provided me with the tools to process all the massive emotions and find the calmness within. Allowed me the space to delve into what has driven me in the past and find new avenues to explore. I was a bit of an emotional wreck when I arrived at Katie’s door, with a fair bit of crazy baggage. I feel lighter, happier and more able to see things with a better perspective. Katie is warm and welcoming, a complete professional and put me at ease right away. I miss our sessions and will definitely be back.

Testimonial from Joanne from her Bespoke Coaching Package

My coaching sessions are bespoke to you and your wellbeing needs.

I help you to work with and understand more about your whole self…
– your mindset, beliefs and how your conscious and unconscious minds drive you or hinder you
– your body, symptoms, nervous system and stress responses
– your emotions and the value of your feelings
– your energy and how it’s creating and shaping your experiences every day
– your inner spirit, soul purpose and connection to the world

In coaching sessions, we take a holistic approach to exploring your life and wellbeing as it is right now and what intentions feel right for you to work towards. I focus particularly on helping you to develop your mind-body connection and gaining more understanding around your emotional triggers for increased self awareness and emotional freedom.

With this in mind, I help you to feel supported to explore your challenges, fears and blocks, to safely release what’s holding you back, to get clarity on what you really want and to feel empowered and resourced to implement changes that work for you.

Our repeated thoughts and feelings (which we’re often unaware of) create an energetic response within us – our vibration or frequency. We often refer to people as ‘low vibe’ or ‘energy vampires’. This is what we are referring to. We pick up on another’s frequency in a matter of seconds through our senses. As the world we live in is an energetic world, the energy frequency we operate from creates and attracts our life experiences. We usually get what we look for! To create the experiences we actually want in life, we need to bring our unconscious patterns to the conscious by exploring them safely and making changes as needed.

I support your journey of healing and change with a range of mindset, wellbeing and energy practices as well as transformational coaching methods including Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and mBraining (Multiple Brain Integration Techniques).

NLP includes emotional processing for more emotional freedom, timeline work to heal past issues, and belief change techniques to upgrade your mindset and create more helpful and empowering beliefs. I also work with a beautiful modality called mBraining or mBIT (multiple brain integration techniques). An mBraining session is a wonderfully freeing and enlightening session. Working with the ancient wisdom and scientific proof of how we actually operate internally as human beings, it aligns and harnesses the power of your multiple brains (head, heart and gut) to increase your intuitive abilities, make wiser and more aligned decisions and transform your relationship to yourself, to others, and the world you live in. It’s great for understanding what really is holding you back, for calming and balancing an over active stress response and for making wiser and more balanced decisions.

As a holistic practitioner, I also bring my intuitive energy work into coaching sessions. I feel it’s important to help you to connect to and listen to your own higher awareness, that part of you that knows what is in your highest good. I also often use oracle card guidance to enhance our sessions to. Clients really love and respond to oracle guidance and the amazing accuracy and clarity we can get from leaning into the universe’s support.

One coaching session with me can be enough to explore a particular issue, challenge or goal and to help you to process healing, to feel more clarity, and take action to move forward again.

We can also work together more deeply for significant transformation with my Bespoke 121 Coaching Package. This is a package of 6 sessions, combining coaching and healing sessions, plus support and check ins via message and email in between to help keep you on track and answer any questions or challenges that come up along the way.

This package tailored just for you and is designed to help you to set clear intentions, to shift stuckness and overwhelm and to transform your life and wellbeing. I will help you to break self sabotage patterns, upgrade your mindset and support your body and nervous system to heal so you feel safe to move forward with more confidence.

A significant part of how I approach coaching and aim to support you fully is to help you to feel more resourced and informed for yourself so that you can help yourself through the day to day challenges that life presents. I teach you practical tools and techniques that you can use yourself in your daily life that will really support your goals, your wellbeing and the lifestyle you want to live. Tools like holistic ways to support your health or self coaching and personal development techniques to help you work through a challenge or make a better decision.

Coaching isn’t just about healing the past or achieving a goal, it’s about developing more trust and belief in yourself and taking the right actions to support that. The small things we repeatedly do really do add up and can be the difference that makes the difference long term. Changing the way you do things day to day underpins and empowers your transformation and success!

Experience has shown me how coaching works really well alongside energy healing sessions to help both your body and mind to integrate the changes we make, which is why I offer this unique and bespoke coaching and healing package in this way.

I offer sessions in person or online, so distance is no issue.

Get in touch to find out more about coaching with me. Katie x

Bespoke 121 Coaching Package
4 coaching sessions and 2 energy healing sessions plus 121 support in between £555
My bespoke package combines transformational coaching sessions along with energy healing and holistic wellbeing sessions and includes my support in between sessions via message, voice message and email to keep you on track and to support you when you need it.