“I was absolutely blown away by the entire experience. Katie is a master at her work, not just reflexology, she is intuitive, mindful, highly skilled at navigating you as a person and absolutely committed to helping. The space is also divine, calm, joyful. I booked a block session so that I don’t miss out. This is something you NEED in your life , trust me!”

Lucy – reflexology client

I’ve just finished a 6 week package with Katie and I can honestly say it’s been life changing. Everything about Katie’s energy, environment and professionalism was a beautiful and open way for me to feel fully relaxed and comfortable. In a world where it’s so hard to have some quiet, spending time with Katie has brought a new sense of peace within myself and it’s made me so excited for the journey I am continually growing on! I can’t recommend Katie enough and I’m very grateful for the time I spend with her. I know I will be back on a regular basis to learn, grow and become fully aware of myself. Thank you Katie for everything you do

Hannah – coaching & energy healing client

“I had the most amazing energy healing session with Katie today. Wow this lady is so good, she helps you dig deep to uncover and work through those emotions and that stuckness that’s holding you back. After the session my whole being felt lighter and my head felt much clearer. Thank you Katie x”

Emma – energy healing client

I completed a coaching and healing journey with Katie. 6 sessions of self exploration and awareness. It has provided me with the tools to process all the massive emotions and find the calmness within. Allowed me the space to delve into what has driven me in the past and find new avenues to explore. I was a bit of an emotional wreck when I arrived at Katie’s door, with a fair bit of crazy baggage. I feel lighter, happier and more able to see things with a better perspective. Katie is warm and welcoming, a complete professional and put me at ease right away. I miss our sessions and will definitely be back.

Joanne – 121 Bespoke Coaching Program client

“Yesterday was my fourth reflexology session with Katie. I absolutely loved the experience. Katie’s knowledge and insight is incredible. I drive just over an hour each way and have booked again. Each time something new happens and every time I leave I feel lighter, happy and wishing the appointment was longer! As Katie blends in reiki the peace I feel when on the bed is blissful and in many ways beyond words. I can’t recommend highly enough how amazing Katie is. Thank you and I’m looking forward to coming back!”

Estelle – reflexology client

“I thoroughly enjoyed my facial rejuvenation session, it was a much needed hour of self care. Katie has a calming and soothing nature making the experience absolutely wonderful. Would recommend 100%”.

Emma – facial rejuvenation client

“I recently had my first session with Katie and had a reflexology session. It was absolutely wonderful. Katie’s warm and gentle approach enables me to fully relax and immerse myself in the experience. I felt a lot of energy move around my body during the session. Katie’s explanation and the possible interpretations of what she felt really resonated with me. I felt much lighter following the session and the feeling lasted. Really looking forward to another session. Much gratitude Katie”

Lorraine – reflexology and energy healing client