“I was absolutely blown away by the entire experience. Katie is a master at her work, not just reflexology, she is intuitive, mindful, highly skilled at navigating you as a person and absolutely committed to helping. The space is also divine, calm, joyful. A TREASURE ! I’ve booked a block session so that I don’t miss out. This is something you NEED in your life , trust me!”


“Yesterday was my fourth reflexology session with Katie. I absolutely loved the experience. Katie’s knowledge and insight is incredible. I drive just over an hour each way and have booked again. Each time something new happens and every time I leave I feel lighter, happy and wishing the appointment was longer! As Katie blends in reiki the peace I feel when on the bed is blissful and in many ways beyond words. I can’t recommend highly enough how amazing Katie is. The new room is beautiful and mirrors the love and care taken during treatment. Thank you and I’m looking forward to coming back!”


“I recently had my first session with Katie and had a reflexology session. It was absolutely wonderful. Katie’s warm and gentle approach enables me to fully relax and immerse myself in the experience. I felt a lot of energy move around my body during the session. Katie’s explanation and the possible interpretations of what she felt really resonated with me. I felt much lighter following the session and the feeling lasted for some days. Really looking forward to another session. Much gratitude Katie”


“Just want to say how lovely and professional Katie is. I’ve been using my personal blends of essential oils for over two weeks now and the results have been wonderful. I feel very calm and relaxed ready for a good night’s sleep and my anxiety has been lowered by adapting these oils into my daily routine! I’ve also ordered bespoke blends for my two daughters, which Katie has made every effort to ensure they were safe and perfect for them! Thank you, can definitely recommend”


“I love my oils. Thank you for all the personal touches from start to finish. I highly recommend!”