I work holistically in my practice and draw on a number of healing modalities to best suit your individual wellbeing needs. I offer both foot and facial reflexology (you can read more about facial reflexology here)

Foot reflexology sessions are typically one hour and the treatment is tailored to your individual health and wellbeing needs. After an initial consultation, each reflexology sessions starts with a short chat and a catch up to discuss any ongoing or new issues you are experiencing and how you are feeling generally, then you’ll rest and relax for your reflexology session.

I also offer an extended 90 minute session combining either foot reflexology with facial reflexology or reiki energy healing, tailored for you.

Foot reflexology is much more than a foot massage. As a complementary therapy it identifies blockages or congestion in the body’s energy and systems and helps to boost your self-healing ability.

Our feet are a highly accurate reflection of what’s going on inside our body, physically and emotionally. As a fully trained and experienced reflexologist, I can tell a lot about your health and even emotional issues or energy congestion from particular signs on your feet.

Through working on specific reflex points and zones on your feet with a number of techniques, a reflexology session can help to balance specific bodily systems, health conditions, areas of pain and imbalance. Feedback to the nervous system via the many nerve endings in the feet encourages self healing, reducing symptoms and pain and assisting with detoxification, lymph flow and circulation. Plus calming, balancing and reconnecting the body and mind.

A reflexology treatment is a wonderfully relaxing, restoring and nurturing experience for the body, mind and spirit. As well as the physical benefits, it can help to boost your emotional resilience and help you in body and mind to cope with stress and illness by calming our stress response and boosting our body’s natural pain killers and feel good hormones.

In essence, if you are feeling any kind of stress, anxiety, worry, low mood, over thinking, heightened emotions or overwhelm, reflexology can help to calm the fight or flight response, balance your nervous system and guide you back into a state of calm, balance and peace.

The body and mind need to be in a relaxed state to heal and to function properly.

Reflexology is a very individual treatment, tailored to you as a whole person. Your body’s intelligence instinctively knows how to achieve balance and health if we can allow ourselves time and space to do so.

After your consultation, I will tailor your treatment to focus on the specific areas your body and mind may need support with, focusing also on your treatment and wellbeing aims.

Following your bespoke session, we can discuss self care techniques for the feet or face which you can carry out at home if you are experiencing ongoing/chronic issues or just to help you with relaxation and overall wellbeing.

Reflexology can help with many issues, including:

Menopause symptoms
Hormone balance, fertility, menstrual cycle issues, PMS
Sleep, insomnia, restless sleep
Stress, anxiety, depression, mood
Digestion, constipation, irritable bowel
Pain management, muscular and joint pain, chronic pain issues, back pain
Recovery from injuries, illnesses and low immunity
Improving circulation, immunity and energy balance
Boosting detoxification